Aim: Legal duties in relation to Display Screen Equipment (DSE) analysis are set out in Regulation 72 (1) (b) of the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (General Application) Regulations 2007 (S.I. No. 299 of 2007). The legislation requires a written analysis and risk assessment to be conducted with respect to each workstation used by an “Employee” when:
  • The employee commences work or moves to a new workstation
  • The employee is experiencing problems with the workstation
  • Any other major change in the employee’s capability or workstation
In the context of the legislation an “Employee” is an employee who habitually uses DSE as a significant part of their normal work. As a guide, usage may be considered “habitual” where:
  • DSE is used by the Employee for continuous periods of more than one hour
  • The Employee has no choice but to use DSE to carry out their work
  • The DSE is generally used on a daily basis
Benefits of carrying out a VDU Assessment Upon carrying out a VDU Assessment, the changes made to the workstation will result in:
  • Better Ergonomics of the workstation
  • Improved Posture
  • Reduced Cumulative Stress
  • Increased Productivity
  • Reduced repetitive strain injury
The Assessment The VDU Assessment takes into account the individual, their needs, their role within the company and the daily tasks that they undertake using a VDU. A visual assessment of the workstation looks at their working habits, the position of the desk and all the devices used on the desk and their proximity to the user. Cost: €40 per person at ESA offices. Group discounts apply. Contact Us for details.