First Aid

>First Aid
  • Aim: The basic first aid course is a course run by ESA consultants that goes through all the basics of first aid. The course also demonstrates how to use an AED and carry out CPR. All participants will be given the opportunity to use a training AED and practice CPR on a Resusci Anne to help improve and develop their skills. Duration: 4 Hours Group Size: 8 People (Price of €295.00 is for a group up to 8 people)
  • Aim: To give the trainees an understanding of Basic First Aid with a strong focus on CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) and use of the AED (Automated External Defibrillator). Course Objectives: On completion of this course the trainee will be able to
    • To give pre hospital emergency care
    • To preserve life, prevent further injury and to promote recovery
    • To know when to administer CPR and use the AED when required
    • To identify steps required to deal with a stroke or heart attack
    • How to deal with a respiratory blockage
    Certification: On successful completion the trainee will receive a First Aid Responder Certificate valid for 2 years Duration: 3 Days
  • Duration: 2 Day   €330.00 per person