Our HR experts support every aspect of your business’s interpersonal relationships in the working environment, from the very text of a job advertisement to the interview process, through appraisals, performance reviews, disciplinary action, redundancy, retirement and dismissals and everything in between.

Employee Relationship Management (ERM) is concerned with every aspect of the employee – employer relationship, ranging from the actual wording of a job advertisement to terms and conditions of employment, to retirement and everything in between. Our consultants work closely with our clients to ensure that the most effective and harmonized relationships are being fostered. We ensure that all of the clients’ documentation from employment contracts to staff handbooks are in compliance with the law, but we also endeavour to produce documentation which accurately reflects the clients’ company ethos and culture. Once policies and procedures have been created and depending on the service level required we can assist the client in introducing and implementing these systems or release them into the hands of the manager responsible for this department within the client company.


  • Management of every aspect of the employer – employee relationship.
  • Creation of formalised policies and procedures.
  • Creation of employee contracts and terms of employment.
  • Creation of employee handbooks – guides to a better partnership with the company.


  • Creation of a positive working environment.
  • Prevention of grievances and disputes.
  • Defined policies and procedures create a sense of security and purpose for employees.
  • Duty of care to employees and legal compliance.


  • Audit of existing policies.
  • Consultation with management regarding their objectives.
  • All policies in draft format for approval by client before final production and implementation.
  • Outsourcing / Consultant placement within the client company for a set number of days per week / month / quarter / year.