When grievances and disputes escalate over and above the realms of normal ERM guidelines, our employment law experts are dedicated to resolving all issues in a timely and amicable manner. Claims of bullying, harassment, unfair dismissals etc. can cause panic and fear for most employers but with the help of our consultants this need not be an upsetting or traumatic event. Where possible we seek to resolve problems through mediation and arbitration and to avoid the recourse of the labour courts. But where things do become more complicated, esa will engage in all legal correspondence, case preparation and representation in the Workplace Relations Commission, Employment Appeals Tribunal and Labour Courts. Our experts have great deal of experience in the area of industrial relations and negotiations with Trade Unions and have a wealth of invaluable acumen to bring to any disputes. Our excellent reputation in Employment Law circles instils a great deal of confidence in employers for whom these kinds of issues are the most daunting and terrifying imaginable.


  • Dispute Resolution.
  • Mediation and Arbitration.
  • Management of unfair dismissals, redundancies, harassment claims etc..
  • Industrial relations management and Trade Union negotiations / liaison.


  • Prevention of lengthy and costly court battles.
  • Reduction of costs, in particular in comparison with current solicitors’ fees.
  • Solving of current and prevention of future employment disputes.
  • Provision of indemnity.


  • Analysis of case.
  • Review of existing documentation.
  • Interviews with all relevant parties, claimants, defendants, witnesses etc.
  • Consultation with opposing counsel.