Working from home has its pros and cons; meetings with clients that don’t require 6am alarms and being able to play with the kids on your lunch break are some of them. That said we have to remember that working from home doesn’t necessarily mean that you can wear your pjs for that 9am meeting or forget about personal grooming.

It is important to remember that your video business calls are just that – business and that means that we are obliged to reflect the same business standards we did before Covid-19. If your business has a dress code policy that should be reflected in your business meetings.

A US Judge, Judge Dennis Bailey recently noted that despite his video calls being hearings he had dealt with lawyers not only dressing casually but having to deal with one male lawyer appearing shirtless, one female lawyer apparently still in bed under her covers and another in a beach cover-up presumably to appear modest while in her swimwear.

The story will bring a smile to many faces, but the reality is that during this surreal time it is all too easy to forget that we are working from home. We aren’t calling friends, we haven’t been given a get-out-of-jail card for not brushing our hair.

If you are an employer and have concerns over these issues then it would be wise to re-issue your dress code policy to your staff and highlight the importance of a professional dress code. You should also set out what the consequences for failing to comply for example a verbal warning or a written warning.

It is important to remember that for the majority of us aren’t simply working from home, we are trying to work fromĀ  home during a crisis and to that end it has been a steep learning curve. Make allowances for employees who are struggling to adapt and talk to them first if you have concerns.

If ESA can help you with any of the above please don’t hesitate to contact us onĀ  01 8774608 or [email protected]

Stay safe and wash your hands.