The ‘Wear a Damn Mask’ campaign is gaining traction in the U.S. as high profile celebrities join the social media train to convince the public to wear a mask in public.

Meanwhile in Ireland there seems to be a resistance to wearing a mask, predominantly based on the opinion that if it ‘doesn’t protect me from the virus then I’m not wearing it.’ It strikes me as very unusual in our country – known for its caring nature – that we have been so hesitant to protect others from this terrible virus.

The masks are not comfortable. The masks, for many who struggle to remember to bring shopping bags, are just another thing to forget as they head out for their weekly shop.

However, the reasons for wearing the masks seem to have been lost in translation:

1. Wearing a mask will not stop you from getting the virus. True.

Wearing a mask will prevent people from spreading the virus, which in turn will stop you from
getting the virus.Also True.

2. Wearing a mask is not comfortable. True.

Wearing a mask is not about comfort it is about saving lives. A mask for 30 minutes is not as
uncomfortable as self-isolating for 14 days or worse still being in intensive care. Also True.

3. No one else seems to be wearing one. True.

Those same people will be no where near you when you or a loved one have to self-isolate or are in
isolation. Also True.

Stay safe and wash your hands!